About Us



Rule 1, Answer the Phone

Being available to our customers is important to us

Rule 2, Provide EXCELLENCE

"ALPHA" isn't part of our name by accident

Rule 3, Keep Earning Your Business

Keeping YOU, in business IS, our business

Rule 4, Provide THE BEST in Hardware and Software

QUALITY requires an investment

CPOS ALPHA, built from the ground up to provide absolute professional services for your Point of Sale System; we have the SKILLS, TALENT and EXPERTISE to provide you and your restaurant enterprise with a complete Restaurant Point of Sale system. Whether you are looking for a Traditional computer based Point of Sale system or Hybrid with Mobility to Cloud Based with a subscription, we’ve got your solution.

We work only with the BEST vendors and offer top of the line products. Providing advanced Point of Sale software to you with a competent and whole solution which will run your restaurant both Front of House and Back of House. Our Software is full-featured, easy to use, robust, and EXTREMELY stable.

  • Technical Support is first class
  • Systems are Monitored 24 / 7
  • Professional and Consultative Relationship
  • Embeded and integrated products like Online Ordering!
  • Your Database securely backed up in the cloud

Be a Yardstick of Quality

CPOS Alpa - Quality at its best

What we stand for

CPOS ALPHA believes in team work, support, professionalism, excellence and spirit. We work hard for our customers and play hard so we have fun too. We love our team, our families and our customers. We're future forward, focused, dedicated and have a crazy mental fixation on EXCELLENCE. To all of our customers - WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.